Boost your company through Emotional Intelligence. We connect through mutual learning and meaningful training. Inspire, lead, and transform with our sessions. Join us for an emotionally intelligent future.


Through my “Inside-out Skills” Emotional Intelligence Development program for teams, you can choose the format that best suits your needs. With this program, specially designed for companies, you’ll be able to implement emotional intelligence in your team in a practical and effective way.


This method promotes the development of emotional intelligence in the workplace, which can improve your interpersonal relationships, increase your emotional well-being, and contribute to your professional success. Remember that personal development is an ongoing process, so it’s important to practice these principles consistently and be open to learning and growing over time.




Launching program

In Part 1, dive into the depths of your beliefs and experiences, exploring how they influence your perception and attitude toward life. Through revealing examples, we will unravel how these invisible forces shape our decisions and approaches. Then, we will put into practice proven techniques to overcome resistance to change and unlock your unlimited potential.

In Part 2, uncover the secrets of stress from an entirely new perspective. Learn to see your body and mind as tools that can propel or hinder you. Through inspiring practices and examples, we will explore how stress can be your ally rather than your enemy. And best of all, we will equip you with easy tools to effectively manage and channel stress in your personal and professional life.

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1 Session of 2 hours

Take off to a renewed version of yourself with our exclusive ‘Launching Program’! Join us in this exciting two-hour session, divided into two dynamic parts designed to take you on a journey of personal development.

Advanced program

Part 1 (Day One):

Knowledge and Acceptance
Embrace Your Flaws, Unleash Your Strength'
Duration: 120 minutes

  • Explore your beliefs and unconscious emotional patterns with practical self-reflection exercises.
  • Understand the deep connection between thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes, discovering your competencies and skills.
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and foster new perspectives through dynamic exercises.
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself through self-compassion and self-love, and learn strategies to build confidence.

Part 2 (Day Two):

Overcoming and Transformation 'Rise Above, Connect and Thrive Together'
Duration: 120 minutes

  • Identify your authentic values for making consistent decisions and maintaining integrity in your actions and relationships.
  • Master empathy and active communication to forge authentic connections in your interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop a positive and collaborative work climate, where trust and mutual respect are key.
  • Expand your influence as a leader by understanding and applying emotional intelligence in workplace situations.

In these 4 intensive training hours, you will transform your perspective, improve your relationships, and enhance your leadership. Learn to make the unconscious conscious, make value-based decisions, and cultivate authentic connections in a positive work environment.

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2 Sessions of 2 hours

Discover a new path to emotional empowerment with our exclusive ‘The Rule of Three to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence’ training.

A 4-hour experience you’ll remember forever, where you can live a different and transformative experience designed to identify and elevate (or improve) your interpersonal skills, leadership, and self-awareness.

Premium program

Session 1: Inspiration and Preliminary Analysis

  • Develop a personalized program for your growth.
  • Get to know your team thoroughly and motivate them to change.
  • Reflect and find inspiration to improve in all aspects of your life.
  • Explore your emotional intelligence through a detailed test.
  • Understand how the interaction between perception, introspection, reason, and environment affects your actions.

Session 2: Self-Understanding and Personal Improvement

  • Turn the unconscious into conscious for significant growth.
  • Understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results.
  • Challenge your beliefs with practical exercises and strengthen your relationship with yourself.
  • Master your emotional response patterns and regulate your moods.
  • Apply emotional intelligence in interpersonal relationships and in the workplace climate.

Session 3: Acceptance and Emotional Leadership

  • Define your goals and outcomes with a clear identity.
  • Align your decisions, relationships, and perceptions with your authentic values.
  • Develop leadership skills based on empathy and interdependent understanding.
  • Discover how coherence and needs management transform your approach.

Session 4: Overcoming and Effective Communication

  • Focus your physical and emotional environment for powerful influence.
  • Learn to facilitate emotions and genuinely connect with others.
  • Master active listening, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Communicate with honesty and ethical influence, using Nonviolent Communication tools.

Step into the elite of your potential with the 'Premium Program'.

In these 4 theoretical-practical sessions, you will forge an inner understanding of yourself, improve your relationships, and enhance your leadership.

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4 Sessions of 2 hours

Discover the path to emotional excellence with our extraordinary ‘Premium Program’. Masterfully designed with 4 theoretical-practical sessions of two hours each. This transformative experience will lead you to unlock your maximum personal and professional potential.



With an exceptional ability to adapt to diverse audiences and topics, I offer you an unparalleled experience. My focus is not only to convey clear and powerful messages but also to create emotional connections that linger in the heart and minds of the audience.

From inspiring corporate teams to captivating audiences at events, my passion lies in sharing impactful ideas that bring about real change. My commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in passionate and memorable presentations, leaving a lasting impression on those who listen the talk.

These presentations are not only fulfilling but also offer the opportunity to make a before and after in your company, conference, or event. Let me be the catalyst that elevates your event to unimaginable heights! Together, we will create a moment that resonates with the audience long after the lights go out.

Choose the format that best suits your needs and objectives and start providing your team with emotional intelligence