Knowledge, acceptance, and overcoming myself in the face of a life full of challenges made me understand the true importance of Emotional Intelligence. Since then, I have not stopped studying, writing, and working to challenge and unlock human potential, something that has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

I have lived and worked in 8 different countries, understanding the diversity and true needs of international corporate teams. My goal is to create deep and lasting intra and interpersonal connections through cross-cutting training, transcending borders.

Being an author for Editorial Planeta or writing for important media such as the Huffington Post & Women’s Health, among others, helps me share everything I have learned in a unique way for all of you.

From captivating conferences to practical training, I am here to drive your team and company towards success. Through close and sincere leadership, your organization will experience a tangible and sustainable transformation.

I invite you to discover the real impact of Emotional Intelligence.
It’s not just about making an impact, inspiring, and convincing, but also about trusting yourself, connecting with others, and gaining deep understanding.

Together, we can make a significant change.


is always a pleasure and a two-way learning experience.

"The word is the weapon of humans
to approach each other."

Ana María Matute
(Spanish writer)


My books are the key to connect with you, to explore together a world of emotions, dreams and literary successes. Welcome to my universe of captivating stories!